Other widely known East Coast myths include – The Jersey Devil and Allison’s Grave.

The story of The Jersey Devil is as follows: There was a woman, Mother Leeds, that lived in the Pine Barrens area of southern New Jersey. She had 12 children and claimed that if she gave birth to another, a 13th child, that the child would be the devil. Low and behold, Mother Leeds gives birth to a 13th child. The child is born healthy, however, as lore holds, the child started to transform right after, morphing into a beast. Legend says that the beast killed the midwife and then flew out of the house and still roams the Pine Barrens to this day.

Closer in spirit to the small town ghost town, the tale of Allison’s Grave is popular among the residents of DuBoistown. In this story, Edna Allison was decapitated and died in a plane crash sometime in the late 1950s. She appears every now and then around her grave stone in DuBoistown as a headless apparition.

Like most legends, the story has many different takes but the core is the same: A new hotel called The Grand Hotel opened sometime in the 1950s on the outskirts of the town. On opening night all 32 people, guests and staff, vanished from the hotel, never to be seen again. Then a couple of years ago, a local teen disappeared. The old hotel, now reopened as a tourist attraction, was the last place they were seen. A few months later the hotel goes up in flames and is reduced to nothing but ashes.